Riassunto della Missione
InizioTalk to Lester at [5,-21]
Livello Richiesto
Altri PrerequisitiRemarkyble Advice
Ricompensa TotaleLevel-based XP, 436 Kamas, 1 Spada dell'Iniziato
Oggetti RichiestiNone
SeguitoDevozione al Re-Dio

Un raggio di sole è una missione.


Step 1: A Ray of SunshineModifica

Lester is worried about not having news from his friend Hicha and has asked you to find him.
  • Question the Enutrofs near the entrance to the tunnels
Talk to Brookite Pyrite at [6,-19].
  • Talk to Eric [2,-17]
  • Talk to Angela Decko
  • Talk to Enileda
  • Talk to Eric [2,-17]
  • Find the map: Entrance of Eric's old gang's hideout


  • Find the map: Eric's old gang's hideout



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